The Best Crypto Exchange List

The Best Crypto Exchange List

When it comes to crypto exchanges, there are a number of options to choose from. You can pick between crypto exchanges, forex exchanges, and even brokerages. There are many factors that you need to consider, including security and reliability. Luckily, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best crypto exchanges to help you get started.


The Kraken crypto exchange is one of the oldest and most reliable in the industry. This San Francisco, California based company serves clients from all over the world. They are particularly popular in Europe.

In January 2017, the Kraken exchange was the second largest in the market. It offers a variety of coins including bitcoin, litecoin, and euro.

Kraken also supports futures markets. These include crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions.

Kraken is also a leader in providing cold storage wallets around the globe. Approximately 95% of all deposits are stored in this way.

For the best experience, use two-factor authentication. Kraken has a mobile app that allows you to trade between various digital assets.

The Kraken site is simple and easy to use. You can buy and sell crypto at the market’s best rates. However, you will have to verify your account before you can begin using the exchange service.

The “get verified” tab will take you through the steps of proving your identity. There are numerous checkpoints during the process.

Kraken’s top-of-the-line features include security, high liquidity, and low trading fees. On the flip side, there are downsides.

One of the most obvious drawbacks is customer support. Kraken does not provide a phone number or a website contact.


Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that offers a variety of features and services. They are able to support a huge number of cryptocurrencies, which means you can trade them with minimal fuss.

The exchange’s user interface is very easy to use. In addition to trading, you can also stake your digital assets. This feature is similar to a savings account, but you can earn returns on your coins.

Binance has a wide variety of payment options for fiat currencies. Some of them include debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and SWIFT. While you’re transferring your money, you’ll have to complete KYC requirements. If you are a foreigner, you’ll need to verify your identity.

When it comes to fees, Binance is among the most competitive of all the major crypto exchanges. For instance, their base spot trading fee is only 0.075%. And, you can reduce fees by using BNB tokens, which are a native currency on the Binance platform.

Binance’s main customer support tool is a simple referral to their FAQ help center. Additionally, the company’s security audits have earned them a good reputation.

However, the exchange’s withdrawal processes are not streamlined. You’ll typically have to wait between 24 hours and a day for the process to complete. It will depend on the type of cryptocurrency you are withdrawing. Withdrawals for XRP take longer than those for Bitcoin.


WazirX is an Indian crypto exchange. Founded in 2018 by Nischal Shetty and Sidharth Sogani, it aims to serve the Indian crypto market.

WazirX is an all-in-one exchange platform that provides users with a multi-signature wallet and P2P trading service. Users can use the app to deposit funds from their bank account and buy coins.

The website offers users to sign up with a username and password. After you complete KYC, you can log in to the platform to begin trading.

Users can also transfer money from their bank accounts to their wallets. You can choose to deposit NEFT, INR, or IMPS.

In addition, you can convert your cryptocurrency into fiat using the OTC desk. This feature allows you to find a seller who can give you the best price for your crypto.

WazirX supports over 200 different coins. It charges a flat 0.20% fee for trading. However, the fees are lower for users who hold the exchange token WRX. A WRX holder gets discounts on trading fees and token airdrops.

You can access the platform through the mobile app or on your desktop. Although, the service is user-friendly, you should be wary of any phishing attacks.

CEX Brokerage

If you are new to the crypto game or just want to compare the pros and cons of various exchanges, this is for you. Here’s a quick rundown of the top ten ranked crypto exchanges.

Coinbase is probably the best known, but is it still on the list? Coinbase is an exchange that has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies. They boast of a high volume of trade on a daily basis, and offer a range of multisig and insured custodial services.

One of the more unique features of the platform is their API. It allows users to compare cryptocurrency swapping opportunities across exchanges. For example, you can see which exchange offers the best price for a given btc. You can also use the service to trade in coins for fiat currency. While Coinbase does charge a nominal fee, there is no cost to deposit BTC into your exchange account.

In the grand scheme of things, you need a platform that not only supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, but also provides a secure environment to hold your digital assets. The best crypto exchanges also provide top notch customer service, with many offering free accounts.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, you’ll have a pleasant experience at Coinbase.


Phemex Crypto Exchange List offers users an easy way to buy digital assets. The platform allows users to customize their trading experience through sub-accounts. Sub-accounts provide an excellent opportunity to test multiple strategies and segregate trading funds.

Users can purchase crypto using a variety of payment methods. These include iDEAL, Direct Bank Transfer, and PayPal. Alternatively, they can deposit fiat via wire transfer.

Phemex supports 137+ contract trading pairs. It also offers 238+ spot trading pairs. This platform provides users with 100x leverage on any trade. For instance, if a trader is willing to invest $100,000, they can buy up to $1 million worth of Bitcoin contracts.

When opening a new account, Phemex gives you a bonus of $2. You can use that money to make trades right away. However, you must have at least 0.005 BTC in your account at the time of registration.

To withdraw from Phemex, you must receive approval from two people. Each withdrawal takes around three hours to process. There are no overnight fees.

Phemex is a secure exchange. It uses several firewalls, internal network access management protocols, and PCI scanning. In addition, Phemex holds up its servers with Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud. AWS Cloud is a recognized industry standard for cloud-based security.


BitMax is a Singapore-based digital currency exchange that is accessible in over 200 countries. The exchange offers a wide variety of coins and features a number of unique financial products.

It uses a three-level KYC system. To open an account, users must provide their name, date of birth, and a home address. For the first week of operation, the transaction fee is -0.015%) on Maker and Taker orders fills.

The exchange supports over five types of cryptocurrencies. Users can trade BTMX/BTC, BTMX/USDT, Elrond (ERD), Nervos (CKB), and Tokoin (TOKO). There is a total supply of 10 billion tokens.

BitMax has a good user experience and supports a large range of cryptocurrencies. The team is transparent and provides prompt customer support. However, it does not offer bug bounty programs.

BitMax is a leading global digital currency trading platform. It serves institutional investors, professional traders, and private investors. They offer a variety of financial products and services, including margin trading, spot trading, OTC trading, and BitTreasure.

Its website is available in several languages and the exchange offers live pricing and an order list. Users can monitor the latest trades through Bisq, a tool that provides users with a detailed view of recent trades.


Choosing the right crypto exchange can be a crucial part of the process of trading cryptocurrencies. Crypto exchanges are essentially online brokerage accounts that allow users to buy and sell digital assets. They typically offer a number of different digital currencies, which can be deposited, converted, or traded.

A few popular exchanges include Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken. Each of these exchanges allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, which can then be used for online payments. However, choosing the right one can depend on several factors. You may want to consider whether or not the exchange offers a good mobile trading experience, or if it has a variety of payment methods.

There are a variety of fees that are associated with using a crypto exchange. In general, these fees range from 0.05% to 0.15%. Using a debit or credit card will incur a higher fee. Depending on your exchange of choice, you may be required to provide a copy of your government-issued photo identification. Some exchanges also require you to provide proof of address.

Crypto exchanges are often a target for hackers, and the security measures of these exchanges should be carefully scrutinized. The best exchanges will have robust security measures in place.

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